Terms and Conditions


All products have a One Year, Non-transferable Limited Warranty. This One Year, Non-transferable Limited Warranty does not cover any product that is (1) installed incorrectly or (2) damaged by collisions, vandalism, accidents, or willful destruction. Strobe Lux, LLC (“Strobe Lux”) warrants to the original retail consumer purchaser and no other purchaser or subsequent owner, that our product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the order date. For a period of one (1) year from the order date, at no charge to the purchaser, Strobe Lux will repair or replace the product(s) if it is determined by Strobe Lux to be defective. After the warranty period, the purchaser must pay all charges for parts and labor. The purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs for returning the product to Strobe Lux. Coverage under this warranty is only valid within the Continental United States.


Condensation is a naturally occurring condition that can affect any light. It does not suggest a defect in a product, as opposed to what happens when a leak occurs, in which case there is water collecting inside the light that could lead to a system failure. Condensation does not cause a problem with normal operation of the light and is, therefore, NOT considered to be a defect or warrantable condition. In fact, Strobe Lux’s are designed to allow moisture to escape and not reenter, but it takes time for the moisture to evaporate (the amount of time will depend upon whether or not the light is turned on or not). Sources of water collection can vary. If a light suffers water ingress (pooling) as the result of physical abuse and/or misuse, it does not constitute a manufacturing defect. Otherwise, water collecting inside the light caused by a defect in workmanship is a warrantable item. In this event, please contact Strobe Lux to process a warranty.


Strobe Lux does not warrant the installation of our product. Installation is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. It is recommended that all installation be done by a licensed professional. Improper installation may cause damage to the product and/or vehicle on which it is installed and may cause damage or injury to individuals. Strobe Lux’s warranty does not cover any expenses incurred by removing products that are defective or by re-installing replacement products in their place. To have the product repaired or replaced during the warranty period, the purchaser must return the product to Strobe Lux. The product must be returned in its original packaging providing all necessary protection of the product while being shipped. Strobe Lux will return the repaired or replaced product to the purchaser. Strobe Lux does not provide purchasers with temporary replacement units during the warranty period or at any other time. This Limited Warranty is non-transferable and will automatically terminate if the original retail consumer purchaser resells the product or transfers the vehicle on which the product is installed. The “original retail consumer purchaser” is the person who originally purchased the product directly from Strobe Lux or a gift recipient of a new product that is in its original packaging and unopened. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to present proof of purchase. We do our best to maintain records of all sales but cannot be held accountable for lost or missing records.


Orders are typically shipped the same business day as the date the order is placed. Orders placed after 2pm (MST) will be shipped the following business day. We ship orders via USPS, UPS, and FedEx in order to offer our customers low shipping rates and ensure that their product is received in a timely manner, typically 2-4 business days within the continental US. If you have specific shipping needs or delivery dates, please call us directly at (720)984-4878 to arrange the details. Depending on the circumstance, we may not be able to guarantee delivery to certain locations or within certain time frames.

Warranty Shipping Responsibility

If you receive a defective product(s), Strobe Lux will cover all shipping charges from the customer within 30 days of the delivery date. After 30 days, customers are responsible for sending defective products back to Strobe Lux. Please contact us immediately at (720)984-4878 if you receive a defective product or are not able to get your product working. If a product is returned for testing and is determined to be in perfect working condition by our technical support department, you will then be responsible for all return shipping costs. We are not responsible for any package that is lost in transit while being returned to us. Please ensure that all products being returned are properly post marked and packaged to minimize your liability if the product is lost or damaged.


All sales are final 30 days after the date of delivery/receipt. Exchanges will only be permitted if Strobe Lux is contacted within 30 days of the delivery date at (720)984-4878. When exchanging products, all merchandise must be in NEW condition with all of its original packaging and accessories. Missing accessories will result in a reduced credit amount of the actual replacement cost of those items. Once the item(s) is received you will be issued a credit. Customers are responsible for ALL shipping charges and price differences (if applicable) when exchanging an item.


All sales are final 30 days after the date of delivery/receipt. Returns will only be permitted if Strobe Lux is contacted within 30 days of the delivery date at (720)984-4878. When returning products, all merchandise must be in NEW condition with all of its original packaging, accessories, and instruction material. Missing accessories will result in a reduced credit amount of the actual replacement cost of those items. Returns are also subject to a 15% restocking fee if the return is not due to manufacturer defect. Your refund will be in the form of your original payment, with the exception of cash payments which will be refunded via check and may take up to 7 days to process once we receive the product. Once the refund is submitted it can take 7 to 10 business days to appear back in your account, depending on your bank’s policies.

Warranty Replacement Process

If a manufacturing defect is discovered within the one-year warranty period, a claim must promptly be submitted to Strobe Lux. To begin this process, please contact us as soon as the defect is known and we will issue an RMA number for the warrantied item(s) to be returned and a completed RMA form must also accompany the defective item(s). Claims will remain open for 30 days from the date the RMA form is sent to the customer. If the defective item(s) has not been received by our warranty department within this timeframe, or if the RMA form is absent from the return package and we are unable to identify the sender and/or reason for return, the claim must be re-submitted in order for a new RMA number to be issued and the process will begin again. ALL items must be returned to Strobe Lux for assessment BEFORE a replacement can be issued, with the following two exceptions: 1) the replacement may be paid for by the customer to be reimbursed once the defective item(s) has been received, processed, and confirmed defective or 2) the item(s) is essential for everyday vehicle operation and driving without would cause undue hardship to the customer. In the event the replacement is necessary prior to the defective light being returned, Strobe Lux will request collateral from the customer in the form of credit card information which will be held on file until the defective light(s) is returned and confirmed defective. If the defective light(s) is not received within 30 days from the date the replacement is sent, the customer’s card will be charged for the cost of the replacement. If the defective light(s) is deemed by our warranty department to be without said defect, customer will be charged a 15% restocking fee to cover the cost to Strobe Lux to receive product that can no longer be sold in 100% new condition. Strobe Lux does not cover shipping costs for the defective item(s) to be returned for inspection unless it falls within the first 30 days after delivery/receipt. However, if the claimed defect is confirmed by our warranty department then the cost to ship the replacement item(s) will be covered. Shipping can be upgraded at the purchaser’s expense.

Shipping Error

If you received the wrong product, please contact us immediately at (720)984-4878 and we will send you a return postage label. Once the product is shown as tracking back to our location, we will ship out the correct item. Shipping can be upgraded at the purchaser’s expense.

Damaged Packages

If you receive your package and the product is damaged, immediately contact Strobe Lux Customer Support at (720)984-4878. If there is obvious damage to the product packaging, refuse delivery so that it will be returned to our warehouse. If you received the package and discover damage, contact us to obtain a replacement for the damaged product. We will work with the package carrier to resolve the issue.

Duplicate Orders

If the customer accidentally places a duplicate order and it has not been shipped, you will receive a full refund. In the event the customer places a duplicate order and it is shipped, the customer is responsible for returning the duplicate order item(s). Once received, the customer will be issued a full refund for the item(s), minus any shipping costs paid by the customer when the order was placed.

Order Cancellation

If any order needs to be cancelled, you must call us immediately at (720)984-4878. The only instance in which a purchaser will not be billed is when the order is cancelled prior to leaving the warehouse. If the order is shipped out prior to us being notified, the order is subject to all the stated return terms and policies. We are not responsible for email cancellation requests that are received after your order has been shipped. The only acceptable cancellation method is to call and notify us immediately.

Changing Your Order

If you wish to change an item on your order please call us immediately at (720)984-4878 to request the change. This is the only acceptable method to request a change to your order. Orders can only be changed prior to leaving our warehouse. If an order has already been shipped, you may request additional item(s) at your expense. If the changes require a return to our warehouse, you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Refused Packages

If you “refuse” a package from our company, you are responsible for any and all charges that are incurred for the shipping unless the refusal is based on damaged packaging by the shipping company. Any refunds issued for “refused” packages will be issued minus original and return shipping charges. If you would like to have your order re-shipped, you must pay for all shipping charges again along with any return postage costs.

Undeliverable Packages

If a package is returned to us due to an undeliverable or an incomplete address, you are responsible for all re-shipment costs. If you do not wish to have the package re-shipped, a refund will be issued less the cost of shipping. If you feel that your location needs special shipping instructions, please contact us at (720)984-4878 to set up those instructions. It is our desire that you receive your order in a timely manner.


Please check your state and local laws before installing Strobe Lux products. Every state has different policies and procedures in place regarding aftermarket vehicle accessories. Strobe Lux is not responsible for any fines that you may incur while using our products. All products are designed for off-road use only.

Personal Information

Strobe Lux does not and will never collect your personal information to be sold to a third party. All the information you provide to Strobe Lux is protected to the full extent of the law. Your credit card information is never collected or stored by us. We use a third party verification company to process your credit card information. The staff at Strobe Lux does not have access to that information and cannot reference or access it in any way. This is for your protection and limits the possibility of a third party accessing your personal information.


1. PROOF OF PURCHASE; REGISTRATION: The Purchaser’s dated bill of sale must be retained as evidence of the date of purchase and to establish warranty eligibility. Please retain all documentation that comes with your order.

2. NOTIFICATION OF CLAIMS; WARRANTY SERVICE: If Purchaser believes that a product is defective in material or workmanship, verbal notice with an explanation of the claim shall be given promptly by Purchaser to Strobe Lux at (720)984-4878. All warranty claims must be made within the warranty period. The repair or replacement of any Product or part thereof shall not extend the original warranty period.

3. EXCEPTIONS TO LIMITED WARRANTY: Strobe Lux shall have no obligation to Purchaser with respect to any Product that is subjected to any of the following: abuse, improper use, negligence, accident, modification, attempted repair by non-qualified personnel, operation of the Product outside of the published environmental and electrical parameters, or if the Product’s original identification (trademark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered, or removed. Strobe Lux excludes from warranty coverage Products sold AS IS (scratch and dent products).

4. EXCLUSIVE REMEDY; ACCEPTANCE: Purchaser’s exclusive remedy and Strobe Lux’s sole obligation is to supply (or pay for) all labor necessary to repair any Product found to be defective within the warranty period and to supply new or rebuilt replacements for defective parts. Strobe Lux will refund the purchase price for such Product only if repair or replacement fails to remedy the defect.

THE LIABILITY OF STROBE LUX, IF ANY, AND PURCHASER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR DAMAGES FOR ANY CLAIM OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY AND WHETHER ARISING IN TORT OR CONTRACT, SHALL NOT BE GREATER THAN THE ACTUAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT FOR WHICH SUCH CLAIM IS MADE. IN NO EVENT SHALL STROBE LUX BE LIABLE TO PURCHASER FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, COMPENSATION, REIMBURSEMENT OR DAMAGES ON ACCOUNT OF THE LOSS OF PRESENT OR PROSPECTIVE PROFITS OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER. GOVERNING LAW: This non-transferable limited warranty shall be governed by the law of the State of Colorado U.S.A., and the United States of America, excluding their conflicts of laws principles. The courts of Denver County, Colorado, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any legal action with respect to this warranty. This limited warranty gives specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that may vary from state to state or from country to country. Some states or countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. You are advised to consult applicable state or country laws for a full determination of rights. Strobe Lux strives to offer superior technical support, and with our support team, we are here to help you with any technical or installation questions that you may have regarding the installation of any of our products. All of our motorsports LED products are rigorously tested to ensure that we are offering the best aftermarket LED products available on the automotive market. Be reassured that each of our products includes a lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty. Below you will find resources dedicated to helping you understand the installation process with our products as well as our instructions for our entire product line. Feel free to contact our support team should any issue arise. Strobe Lux offers many ways to contact our Technical Support Department. Please contact us via phone or email if you are having trouble with or need technical information about any Strobe Lux products.