XL200 Portable Remote Area LED Lighting System


Strobe Lux, with its Portable Remote Area LED Lighting Systems, brings environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, affordable and powerful LED Lighting products to market.

The XL200 is a fully portable and rechargeable unit and produces a wide flood light ideal for construction sites and emergency scenes. This light system offers a long list of features including versatile power and brightness mixed with Durable Polymer Construction.

Carry your lighting everywhere you go. Every component of this integral lighting system is stored inside its own case, is assembly ready and deploys in seconds. With the power source housed safely inside the case, being tethered to a wall outlet is no longer an issue. The compact case stores easily in the trunk of any vehicle. With its sturdy carry and pull handle, this Strobe Lux product is simple for a single person to move from the car to any scene with ease.

Ideal for Police, Fire Service, Utility/Industrial/Facility Management and more. Whether your lighting need is for DUI checkpoints, crime scene investigations, power outage backup, or lighting for an emergency response, this Strobe Lux Lighting System eliminates the hassle of transporting and setting up heavy, cumbersome equipment previously necessary for long lasting, powerful light.

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1) Remote Area LED Lighting System


Up to 36 hours of burn time
2200 lumens of brightness max
Polycarbonate Lens is lightweight and impact resistant
Maintenance Free LEDs with life expectancy of 50,000 hours
Fully extendable mast with 360 degree rotating head
Waterproof Rubber Activation Switch
Mast Extension Lock
Self-Contained Housing that will float
Extremely Durable Polymer Construction Sealed Case 


Light Source: 36 Watt High Powered LEDs
Lumens: High – 2200, Medium – 1500, Low – 1000
Runtime: 16hrs (High) – 36hrs (Low)
Batteries: 12V Rechargeable, Sealed
Voltage: 12
Charge Time: 8 hrs
LED Life: 50,000 hrs
Lamp Heads: 1
LEDs per Head: 12pcs
Low Battery Warning: Intermittent Blinking
Cord Length: 4 meters with High Quality Curled Power Cable
Body Construction: Impact Resistant Waterproof Durable Polymer
Mast Height: 21.6 Inches
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Beam Spread: 120°
Brightness Settings: 4 (High/Medium/Low/SOS )
Battery Life: 500+ Cycles
Operating Temp: -40°F to 140°F
Weight: 31.97lbs

Company Info:

Strobe Lux is a highly innovative LED lighting company leading the way in vehicle strobe lighting products. Our appreciation of high-quality products, standards and complete understanding of installing such products allows us to seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology and time saving value to the custom integrator and the end user. Additionally, our craftsmen can build any lighting system. Contact us today at 720-984-4878 or email us at orders@strobelux.com more information about our products or custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs. Strobe Lux is a name you can depend on.