Ultimate 5-Zone Strobe Wire Harness


Strobe Lux, with its Ultimate 5-Zone Strobe Wire Harness, is the perfect solution for any complete strobe installation project. Made exclusively by Strobe Lux, this wire harness will make sure that it’s as simple and fast as possible to install 5 strobe lights onto your vehicle. Mounting two strobe lights in the front, two in the rear and one on the roof has never been so easy. Constructed with high strength wire inside an outer protection wire loom and ample wire length to reach the most common areas of emergency response vehicles. All 5 zones have a dedicated third wire to set up, control and synchronize your flash patterns. Flip on the included LED Illuminated ON/OFF Toggle Switch and bring all of your strobe lights to life safely via a 5 amp fused power wire.

Ideal for Police, Fire Service, Utility, Industrial, and Facility Management vehicles and more. This Strobe Lux Ultimate 5-Zone Strobe Wire Harness eliminates the hassle of cutting and splicing over 225 feet of wire to quickly finish the install and get on with your day!

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(1) Wire Harness with LED Illuminated Toggle Switch


Five Zone Connection Legs
Stripped Pigtail Ends to Shorten Install Time
Inline 5 Amp Fuse
Heavy Duty On/Off LED Illuminated Toggle Switch
Pre-installed Battery Ring Connectors
Added Wire Loom to Provide Extra Protection
Rated up to five strobe lights under 5 Amp/12V DC (Max Current)
Operating Voltage of 12V and 24V DC

Company Info:

Strobe Lux is a highly innovative LED lighting company leading the way in vehicle strobe lighting products. Our appreciation of high-quality products, standards and complete understanding of installing such products allows us to seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology and time saving value to the custom integrator and the end user. Additionally, our craftsmen can build any lighting system. Contact us today at 720-984-4878 or email us at orders@strobelux.com more information about our products or custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs. Strobe Lux is a name you can depend on.